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🥤 On the birthday of one of the world's most popular sweet carbonated drinks, let's talk about the

According to WHO recommendations, you should consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day = that's 5 teaspoons. How much sugar is in sweet drinks? Coca cola (0.33 l) — 8.25 teaspoons of sugar; Pepsi (0.33 l) — 8.75 teaspoons; Red Bull (0.25 l) — 6.9 teaspoons; Sprite (0.33 L) — 8.25 teaspoons. Notice HOW much sugar sweet sodas contain - that's more than 8 teaspoons. Try not to drink sugary carbonated drinks - they usually contain excessive amounts of sugar and help to gain extra pounds, cause tooth decay and problems, and sometimes cause more serious health problems

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