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We continue the conversation about the harm of salt and the prevention of strokes

What is the benefit of limiting table salt in the diet?

- prevents the increase in blood pressure.

- reduces the already high blood pressure in the vessels.

- significantly reduces the risk of complications caused by high blood pressure.


1) Limit the consumption of processed products - the main suppliers of salt - bread, processed meat and fish products (in particular, sausages, hams), hard cheese, canned goods, semi-finished products;

2) Read the labels! The closer to the beginning of the ingredient list

the salt is located, the greater its content. This rule works for any other ingredient.

3) When cooking at home, use less salt and more spices and herbs.

4) Use iodized salt instead of ordinary salt.

Therefore, it is not necessary to give up salt completely, but it is very critical to limit its consumption to 5 grams per day, and this includes the salt "hiding" in processed products.

#Let's say no to stroke

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