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Vaccination against measles

Sometimes it happens that parents do not know if the child has been vaccinated against measles. Or have doubts about it. This is a common situation, and especially now, when many people have lost their medical documents due to Russian aggression. We tell you how to check whether your child has protection against this dangerous disease.

Step ⓵ - Check with your family doctor or pediatrician to see if there is a vaccination record in your medical records.

Information about vaccination can be found in the followingnts:

☛ "History of child development" (form No. 112/o)

☛ "Card of preventive vaccinations" (form No. 063/о)

☛ "Immunization card" (form No. 063-1/о)

☛ "Medical card of an outpatient" (form No. 025/о)

☛ International vaccination certificate

☛ Certificate of vaccinations

Vaccination could also be entered into the Electronic Health Care System (ECHS). A doctor can also check these records.

Step ⓶ - if you do not remember whether you or your child was vaccinated, and there are no records of this in the medical documents - you can do an analysis for the presence of measles antibodies.

It is possible to check whether the child is protected from measles by means of an analysis for the presence of antibodies to measles - immunoglobulin G to the pathogen. If there are antibodies, then the child has protection against this infection. Measles vaccination is not required. The presence of antibodies can be both as a result of vaccination and as a result of a transferred disease.

Step ⓷ - if there are no records of vaccination in the documents or in the EHOS, there are no antibodies to measles, or it is impossible to conduct an analysis to determine them - it is necessary to start vaccination first.

Consult a doctor to make an individual vaccination schedule for your child. Administration of additional doses of the vaccine is safe for health. This is confirmed by research results and recommended by the WHO and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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