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Some tips: how to get rid of tobacco addiction

November 16 - International No Smoking Day.

"Give up smoking!" - this phrase should remind humanity about the harm of nicotine addiction to health, draw the attention of the public and authorities to the threat of the spread of the tobacco epidemic, as well as the rights of everyone to a smoke-free environment.

Smoking is the most common bad habit in the world and one of the main causes of cardiovascular, oncological, lung diseases and premature mortality.

Every year, up to 90% of deaths from lung cancer, 75% from chronic bronchitis, and 25% from coronary heart disease are caused by smoking. As a result of tobacco use, more than 8 million deaths are registered annually around the world, in Ukraine, smoking takes an average of up to 130,000 lives, which is 12% of the total mortality - WHO data

At present, restrictions on the advertising and sale of tobacco and nicotine products, electronic devices and their liquids have been extended, a ban on smoking in public places has been established, and administrative sanctions apply for violations of the established rules.

As evidenced by the experience of many countries that have achieved significant success in reducing morbidity and mortality from chronic non-communicable diseases, the reduction in the prevalence of smoking has a positive effect on the health indicators of the population. At the same time, only a small percentage of people can quit smoking on the first try. Most smokers need the help of relatives and specialists: a family doctor, narcologist or psychotherapist.

How to give up a bad habit.

☛ Tell those around you about your decision to quit smoking and ask them not to smoke in your presence.

☛ Remind yourself that you are quitting. Think more often about the health benefits it will bring.

☛ Avoid the circumstances in which you used to reach for a cigarette, worry less. Refrain from smoking breaks with colleagues, if even you are nervous at work.

☛ Don't give up on the decision you made, even if you quit and started smoking again. Let it be from the tenth or hundredth attempt, but everything will succeed.

☛ Do not smoke in your free time at home or on vacation. Take away anything that might remind you of smoking: ashtrays, lighters, etc.

☛ Replace smoking with sports or other physical activity. Drink plenty of water, preferably in small sips. Eat less sweets and avoid alcohol in the first weeks of quitting nicotine.

☛ Take care of your mental health.

☛ Don't blame yourself for failure. It is better to avoid any negative emotions that lead to despair in one's abilities.

☛ Ask for advice or help from specialists: family doctor, narcologist or psychotherapist.

☛ Contact an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses facial expressions and emotional reactions to advise people in need of help.

Prepared by Halyna Savchenko - doctor of the department of surveillance (observation) and prevention of non-infectious diseases

According to the materials of the website of the Public Health Center

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