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Today is about trans fats

According to the WHO, every year half a million people in the world die as a result of cardiovascular diseases that have developed due to excessive consumption of trans fats. Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fat that contains trans isomers of fatty acids. Most often, they are used in baked and fried products, ready-made or packaged snacks, cooking fats and spreads. We are talking about cakes, cookies, biscuits, mayonnaise, snacks, etc. Commercially produced margarines and shortenings began to be used in foods in the late 19th century as a substitute for expensive animal fats such as butter. They began to be added to food in order to extend the shelf life and change the structure of vegetable fats necessary for culinary processing. Such products may contain a significant amount of trans fats due to the processing technology of vegetable fats. The list of ailments to which trans fats lead includes obesity, cancer, diabetes, disorders of the immune system. In which products are they most likely to be found? First of all, these are confectionery, margarine, spreads and products made with their use, fried products deep-fried, pastries. Read labels carefully. If you see partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or fats, confectionery and cooking fat, or just margarine in the list of ingredients, it is better to leave such a product on the shelf. There is a very high probability that there are trans fats. Therefore, sugar, salt, fat and trans fat in large quantities are most often present in processed foods. The conclusion is simple: choose products carefully, give preference to natural and homemade ones. In this way, you will be able to reduce the presence of unhealthy food substances in your diet.

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