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The pity of trans fats and the need for a healthy diet!

#Say no to stroke!

The Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine emphasizes the harm of trans fats and the need for a healthy diet!

Trans fats are a special class of fat that can be of natural or artificial origin. Natural trans fats are produced in the stomach of mammals. And their technological analogue is produced by hydrogenation of vegetable oils. In other words, trans fats are fats to which hydrogen molecules are artificially "inhabited", thanks to which liquid vegetable oil turns into solid margarine. This is done so that the fat spoils less, and products with it have a longer shelf life. However, in the process of such transformation, fatty acids change their molecular structure, that is, the barcode of this substance changes. Our body is programmed to read and process the correct barcodes (saturated and unsaturated fats), so when it gets artificial trans fats with the wrong, foreign barcode, a "program crash" occurs. If trans fats enter the body for a long time, it can lead to cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

According to WHO, a diet high in trans fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21% and mortality by 28%.

Every year from cardiovascular diseases caused by

consumption of trans fats, more than 500,000 people in the world die.

In which products are there a lot of trans fats?

First of all, these are confectionery, margarine, spreads and products made using them, deep-fried products, and pastries.

Read labels carefully. If you see partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or fats, confectionery and cooking fat, or just margarine in the list of ingredients, it is better to leave such a product on the shelf.

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