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The number of strokes in the country is increasing

In 2023, the number of strokes in the country increased by 16%. It is expected that because of the war, strokes will be younger by approximately 10-15 years.

The Ministry of Health together with the National Health Service of Ukraine monitored the quality, quantity and structure of medical services provided to stroke patients by hospitals contracted by the National Health Service under the package "Medical assistance for acute cerebral stroke". Today there are 229 such medical institutions

❝ In the last two years, we managed to do a lot. However, problems remain, most of which are related to gaps in the management of medical institutions. Currently, most of them are in communal ownership, so I cannot directly influence their management. However, I cannot stay away. Therefore, I will appeal to the heads of regional councils with appropriate proposals to remove certain managers from their positions.❞, - emphasized Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko during a meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service with the heads of medical facilities, emergency medical care centers and health care departments Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kirovohrad, Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

The Ministry of Health continues to work on creating a network of medical institutions that have everything necessary to provide high-quality medical care to stroke patients, and on the introduction of new effective techniques for diagnosis and treatment of stroke.

High-tech equipment for diagnosis and treatment, in particular, angiographs, was purchased by order of the Ministry of Health over the past two years.

Currently, updated routes for patients with strokes have been put into operation. This contributes to the reduction of mortality and disability.

The Minister drew the attention of the management of medical institutions to the need for effective procurement of thrombolytic drugs, timely implementation of diagnostic measures and endovascular intervention.

Also, the management of hospitals is instructed to conduct explanatory work with doctors regarding the timely informing of patients about the possibility of rehabilitation after stroke treatment.

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