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Rotavirus: how to prevent infection

While swimming in reservoirs, you can get various infections by accidentally swallowing dirty water. Among such infections is rotavirus, which is transmitted through human feces, which may be in water.

Symptoms of rotavirus, in the event of which you should consult a doctor:

- frequent vomiting;

- diarrhea;

- temperature;

- abdominal pain.

Remember that the most effective protection against rotavirus is vaccination. The vaccine against this infection is not included in the National Vaccination Calendar, but you can purchase it at your own expense.

Today, two vaccines (drops) against rotavirus are available for children: one - two doses at the age of 6 to 24 weeks; the second - three doses at the age of 6 to 32 weeks.

The Ministry of Health reminds of simple rules to reduce the risks of infection with rotavirus infection

Source: Center for Public Health of Ukraine

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