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Regarding the prevention of vaccine-controlled infectious diseases

As a continuation of the Public Health Week, experts from the Zhovkiv department of the State University "Lviv OC of the Ministry of Health" together with the medical workers of the "Rava Russian Hospital" KNP continue to work on the prevention of vaccine-controlled infectious diseases.

Today, events were held on the territory of Rava Ruska OTG, KNP "Rava Ruska hospital".

Adults and children were vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, COVID-19, and poliomyelitis. 38 people were vaccinated against diphtheria and tetanus, 29 children were vaccinated against poliomyelitis, and 6 people were vaccinated against COVID-19.

Samples were taken for COVID19, blood pressure was measured.

Discussions were also held with the population regarding the prevention of vaccine-mediated infections. Special attention is paid to the topic of vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and COVID-19 for persons over 60 years of age. Thematic postcards, newsletters were distributed.

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