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June 7 is World Food Safety Day

Botulism is among the most dangerous food poisonings caused by unsafe products.

In 4 months of 2023, one adult fell ill with botulism in Lviv Oblast.

In Ukraine, 25 people suffered from botulism, three of them children, among adults - 1 fatal case

Prevention of botulism:

Potentially dangerous are all canned products that have been poorly washed, improperly/insufficiently heat treated, transported or stored improperly.

Even canned goods that are OK in terms of expiration date, appearance and taste can be contaminated, since the microorganism that causes the disease does not spoil the products

Symptoms of botulism:

nearsightedness - you can't read text, but you can see objects well

severe dryness in the mouth

difficulty speaking (voice becomes soft, hoarse or disappears)

increased fatigue, muscle weakness


short-term signs of damage to the digestive system (nausea, vomiting, loosening of stools), and then the stage of intestinal paresis (abdominal bloating, constipation)

damage to the muscles of the neck and limbs

Symptoms of botulism most often appear gradually, without sharp rises in temperature, so there is an illusion that the disease is not serious.

Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of botulism, immediately consult a doctor and pay attention to your diet - life is more expensive than temporary gastronomic pleasure

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