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How to eat less salt every day? More herbs - less salt!

Excessive salt consumption can lead to health problems, in particular

- to increase blood pressure,

- risks of cardiovascular diseases,

- stroke,

- weight gain.

As doctors reported, according to the STEPS study in 2019, on average, Ukrainians consumed 12.6 g of salt per day.

This figure is more than twice the maximum recommended level of 5 g per day (half a teaspoon).

Only 13% of the population consumed less salt than this level.

Where does the salt come from?

The main source of salt is processed food products. These can include ready meals, meats including bacon, ham and sausages, cheese, savory snacks and instant noodles. Salt is also added to food during cooking (broth and stock cubes) or at the table (soy sauce, fish sauce, table salt, etc.).

How to eat less salt every day?

1. Avoid ready-made foods with high salt content, so read labels carefully and choose products with reduced salt content;

2. Limit the consumption of such products as bread, technologically processed meat and fish products, salty cheese, salty vegetables and ready-made sauces;

3. When cooking, add fresh herbs and spices instead of salt;

4. Season food with lemon, grapefruit or orange juice, or add useful vegetable oil instead of mayonnaise or sauces;

5. Add salt at the end of cooking, or even better - before the finished dish on the plate.

Consume iodized salt, taking into account the moderate deficiency of iodine in Ukrainians.

it takes time for the taste buds to adjust to less salt.

On August 29, the international community celebrates "More Herbs, Less Salt" Day.

What to replace salt with?

Here are 10 tips for you

It is best to replace salt with natural products that are available in every kitchen. They will not only make dishes tastier and more aromatic, but also bring more health benefits.

Salt can be replaced by:

Soy sauce

By its structure, soy sauce is a rather salty product that can be used as a substitute for salt. However, you should not get carried away in order not to overload the kidneys - the norm of using sauce is 2 tablespoons per day. It will enrich the taste of both first courses and meat dishes. It is good to experiment with soy sauce when preparing salads.

Citric acid

Lemon juice is an excellent substitute for salt. Its acidity will enhance the taste of food, and due to vitamin C, this culinary additive becomes very useful. Lemon can be used to prepare salads and meat dishes.


Another extremely useful natural salt substitute. In its composition, it contains salt and iodine, as well as a source of useful vitamins and trace elements, dried algae can be ground in a coffee grinder and sprinkled on dishes. Or soak and add seaweed to salads or to meat.


This spicy spice with a pronounced taste comes to the housewives' aid when even a neighbor can't borrow salt. Almost everything from soups to fish dishes can be seasoned with garlic. For cooking, you can use both fresh heads and garlic powder.


Green onion or onion shoots can be used as a seasoning. Onions can be pre-boiled with boiling water or marinated - this will reduce the sharpness of the taste.

Horseradish or ginger

These hot spices will help not only make the dish tastier, but also protect our immune system and protect us from viruses.

Dried vegetables

For cooking, choose dried bell pepper, tomato, and celery root. They will enrich the dish and give it a unique aroma. Dried vegetables have a higher concentration of vitamins than fresh ones.


Spices in this matter definitely cannot be dispensed with. Spices and herbs with strong aromas will help enhance the taste of the dish - pepper, curry, rosemary, celery, paprika, basil, tarragon, cumin, coriander, turmeric, marjoram. Do not forget about the most popular spices - parsley and dill.


It is important not to overdo it with vinegar. When preparing salads, you should use natural varieties of vinegar - balsamic or apple. They are softer and give the dish a piquant acidity.

Life hack: Prepare a salad of pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. Preservation will help salt the dish. And the brine can be used in the preparation of first or meat dishes.

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