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Coffee, pizza and goodies: what can breastfeeding mothers eat?

🤱 Balanced and varied food is the best option for breastfeeding women. There's no need to go on a special diet just because you're breastfeeding. You can enjoy your favorite coffee, pizza, chocolate, ice cream and other treats from time to time.

At the same time, you should not "eat for two" - the calorie rate for a breastfeeding mother is 300-500 kilocalories per day higher than what she consumed before pregnancy.

What you should know about the nutrition of a breastfeeding mother:

📍 Daily diet should include: vegetables, fruits, grain products (rice, bread, pasta), protein (meat, fish, eggs, legumes) and dairy products.

📍 Eat a small amount of the new product in the morning to monitor the child's reaction.

📍 If the child feels well: there are no rashes or bloating in the abdomen, overexcitement, gradually increase the amount of your chosen product.

📍 If the child has signs of a food allergy, give up the product for a few weeks and see if the symptoms disappear. If the symptoms have disappeared, try introducing this product into your diet again. If the symptoms are repeated, consult a doctor.

📍 Mother's diet does not affect the appearance of colic in a child.

📍 Water and other drinks should be consumed when you want to drink. The amount of milk does not depend on the amount of liquid drunk.

📍 Alcoholic beverages should be avoided during breastfeeding

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