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Can children with chronic diseases be vaccinated?

You can hear this question most often from parents. We answer - yes, you can! If your child has a chronic disease and has not been vaccinated with two doses of the measles vaccine according to the National Immunization Schedule, do not delay, vaccinate him at the first opportunity. There is a vaccine!

Why should children with chronic diseases be vaccinated against measles in the first place?

Children with chronic diseases have a much higher risk of severe complications from measles: pneumonia, ear infection, inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) and even death.

Therefore, if a child has a chronic disease, he should be vaccinated first.

What chronic diseases increase the risk of measles infection?

☛ bronchial asthma

☛ cystic fibrosis

☛ diabetes

☛ cancer

☛ any other chronic conditions that lead to weakened immunity and make the child's body susceptible to infections and their potential complications.

Is the measles vaccine safe for children with chronic illnesses?

So. The World Health Organization (WHO) supports vaccination of children with chronic diseases as an effective and safe way to protect against measles.

What chronic diseases are contraindications to measles vaccination?

Those diseases or conditions that strongly suppress immunity. For example, immunodeficiency due to HIV infection or when a child is undergoing chemotherapy or taking large doses of steroid hormones.

It is important — when the child takes low doses of chemotherapy or hormone therapy drugs, when he does not have severe immunosuppression (reduced immunity), the child can and should be vaccinated against measles.

Talk to a pediatrician or family doctor to discuss vaccinating a child who has a disease that suppresses the immune system or is taking immunosuppressive medications.

Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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