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Beware, botulism!

The heat creates ideal conditions for the spread of pathogens that cause intestinal infections. One of the biggest threats can be botulism.

Botulism is caused by a toxin that attacks the body's nerves, makes breathing difficult, and can lead to muscle paralysis and even death.

The cause of botulism is most often home-canned products - meat, fish, less often - vegetables.

Potentially dangerous are all canned products that have been poorly washed, improperly/insufficiently heat treated, transported or stored improperly.

Even canned food, which is okay with the expiration date and appearance, can be infected: botulism cannot be determined by color or taste, because the microorganism that causes the disease does not spoil the products.

Also, botulism can occur if you eat dried or smoked fish and any meat products (sausage, ham, etc.).

The most common cause of botulism is dried or smoked home-made products, but there are also cases of illness after consuming industrially produced products. This happens in case of non-compliance with the relevant requirements during procurement, processing or storage of the product.

With foodborne botulism, symptoms usually begin 18-36 hours after eating the contaminated food. Without treatment, botulism eventually causes paralysis and can lead to death.

Do not use canned goods, meat and fish products, the quality of which you doubt.

Ministry of Health


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