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When to vaccinate a child against measles?

Two doses of the vaccine are required for maximum protection against measles.

According to the Ukrainian National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations, the first vaccination is given to a child at 12 months, and at 6 years, the second is scheduled.

If the child did not receive the first or second dose of the CPC vaccine according to the schedule, he should make up for the missed vaccinations as soon as possible.

When does a child need immediate protection against measles and how to provide it?

☛ The child has turned 12 months old - it's time to do a routine vaccination of the PDA.

☛ A child older than 1 year has not received the first dose of the PDA vaccine - immediately make up for the missed dose.

☛ A child of 6 years old is the time of scheduled vaccination with the second dose of PDA.

☛ The child missed the scheduled vaccination with the second dose at the age of 6 - immediately make up for the missed dose.

☛ The child is 6 years of age and older and does not have any MMR vaccinations - two vaccinations at least one month apart are required.

☛ You don't remember whether your child was vaccinated against PKK, and you don't have documentary evidence - you should get two vaccinations with an interval of at least one month.

Adults and adolescents (or parents of adolescents) should be vaccinated if there is any doubt as to whether they have had or been vaccinated against measles. Adolescents can be vaccinated against PDA free of charge up to the age of 18.

Adults can only get measles vaccinations at their own expense. Usually, the immunization scheme involves the introduction of two doses of the PDA vaccine with a minimum interval of 28 days.

If you are sure that you have had measles or have antibodies to measles, vaccination may not be given.

Source: Ministry of Health

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