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What will happen to vaccinations against COVID-19 and who should take an additional booster?

During the 40th week, 366 residents of Lviv Oblast fell ill with the coronavirus, 55 were hospitalized in regional hospitals.

Doctors remind that the only way of protection is vaccination. Vaccines are available and they are free.

We will remind you that at the end of September, 47% of Lviv residents were vaccinated with two doses, 8% received the first booster dose, and less than 1% received the second dose.

This week we are constantly talking about this topic with journalists. The updated recommendations are as follows:

vaccination is the generally recommended course of vaccination against COVID-19 for every person. 2 vaccinations of the primary vaccination and the first booster vaccination, which is given 5 months after the primary vaccination.

All subsequent vaccinations after the third are an additional booster. It is recommended by a doctor to patients at risk of a severe course of COVID-19. Namely: people over 60 years old; those who have serious concomitant diseases; persons who are at risk of severe course and death due to coronavirus disease.

The need for additional booster vaccination is determined by the doctor based on the patient's medical history and the accepted recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (,

Currently, more than 880,000 Ukrainians have not received the second dose, and more than 12 million have not received the third vaccination. That is, they did not receive a booster dose. They need to be replenished in order to form individual immunity, which will help in the event of infection to pass the disease with a lower risk of complications, especially for the elderly and patients with concomitant diseases that suppress immunity.

Ihor Kuzin Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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