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What to do if you or a person near you has signs of general hypothermia?

Cold injury or hypothermia is one of the biggest risks (along with broken limbs) that winter brings.

General hypothermia develops gradually and is very dangerous.

What to do if you or a person near you has signs of general hypothermia?

☛ before providing help, make sure that you, the injured person and others are not in danger. Only then can you proceed to the next step;

☛ move the person to a warm room;

☛ calm her down and explain your next steps;

☛ call for emergency medical assistance, follow the instructions of the dispatcher;

☛ remove cold, wet clothes from the person;

☛ if she is conscious, give her non-alcoholic warm drinks;

☛ cover the person with a thermal cover/blanket;

☛ provide her with constant supervision until the doctors arrive;

☛ if the person's condition worsens before the doctors arrive, call the emergency medical dispatcher again;

☛ if possible, collect all possible information about the circumstances of cold injury from the person or those nearby.

Give it to the medics or dispatcher.

If a person is unconscious before the arrival of the "emergency" team, determine whether he has signs of life, and if not, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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