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What is the benefit of salt for the body?

The Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reports

For us, salt is useful as the main source of sodium and chlorine entering the body.

The biological role of sodium is to maintain the osmotic pressure and pH of the environment. Together with potassium, sodium forms the electrical potential of cell membranes, due to which a signal is transmitted in nerve cells, muscle cells, etc.

The biological role of chlorine is related to the fact that chloride ions are able to penetrate the cell membrane, together with sodium and potassium ions, they maintain osmotic pressure and regulate water-salt exchange, create a favorable environment in the stomach for the action of gastric juice enzymes.

What is salt good for the body

The beneficial properties of this mineral are of great importance for the health of the human body. Sodium is responsible for the generation of electrical impulses in nerve cells, ensuring normal muscle function. In addition, it regulates the water balance in the body. Chlorine participates in metabolic processes, helping in the synthesis of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the breakdown of fats.

We advise you to choose iodized salt to avoid iodine deficiency conditions! The daily rate of salt is up to 5g!!!!

Do not oversalt!!!

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