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What is resistance to antibiotics, or antibiotic resistance?

November 18-24 is World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week.

What is resistance to antibiotics, or antibiotic resistance?

With each misuse of an antimicrobial drug, some of the bacteria survive. They multiply further, and the new generation of these bacteria cannot be destroyed by this antibiotic.

How does it threaten each of us?

Every year, it becomes more and more difficult to treat such diseases as pneumonia, angina, tuberculosis, and gonorrhea. Surgical operations, in particular caesarean section or removal of the appendix, are becoming increasingly risky.

According to the WHO, in 2019 almost 5 million deaths were linked to antibiotic resistance.

If antibiotics stop working, 3 out of 10 cases of pneumonia will end in death, 5 out of 1,000 women will not survive after giving birth, and only a quarter of people who get tuberculosis will be cured.

Resistance to antimicrobial drugs is especially dangerous in times of war. It significantly increases the burden on the health care system.

With proper use, such drugs save the lives of wounded and sick soldiers. However, if resistance to such drugs has spread, it greatly complicates the treatment and recovery of patients.

How to stop this process?

It is important to follow these principles:

Take antibiotics only as prescribed by your doctor.

Take the full course of antibiotics, do not skip any medication, do not stop treatment, even if you feel better.

Remember that antibiotics only work on bacteria. Never use them for colds and other viral infections.

Do not share antibiotic residues with friends or relatives and do not "prescribe" treatment to them.

Do all vaccinations according to the calendar and, if possible, also recommended vaccinations.

Follow the rules of personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap for at least 40 seconds before preparing and eating food, after coming from the street, visiting the restroom.

So that in the future we, our children and descendants do not die from those diseases, which we learned to treat a long time ago, we need the joint efforts of both patients and workers of the medical system.

About what changes have been introduced in the health care system to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance - at the link

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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