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Today is World Mental Health Day

So the CHW reminds you that self-care can play an important role in maintaining your mental health and helping you in your treatment and recovery if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Here are some tips to support your mental and physical health:

- Do sports regularly.

- Eat healthy food and avoid


- Take care of your sleep.

- Try relaxation classes.

- Define goals and priorities.

- Remind yourself every day about specific things,

for which you are grateful.

- Focus on the positive.

- Stay in touch with friends or

by family members who can provide emotional support

support and practical help.

Remember that the All-Ukrainian mental health program "How are you?" created so that everyone can find psychological help when and where it is needed.

Let each of our days be a day of mental health, because the psychological safety of the entire country begins with each of us!


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