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Today is World Immunity Day

Are you confident in the protective forces of your own body? Is your immune system capable of resisting viruses to bacteria and other third -party factors?

The Lviv Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has selected for you to support good immunity

Eat a balanced, do not forget about vitamins and follow the drinking mode. Make a plate of healthy eating - rational nutrition supports a good level of immunity

Follow personal hygiene rules. Thoroughly wash your arms with soap, hold the premises in clean

Do not use antibiotics and medicines without a doctor. It can harm the immune system

Vaccine, as the likelihood is that the vaccinated person will become ill. Thus the disease has a lighter course and with a lower risk of complications

Do not overcool as it makes the body more vulnerable to viruses

Keep away from sick people and places of mass gathering during the epidemic. The disease inhibits immunity

Get enough sleep, learn to rest, walk more in the open air with positive thoughts

Avoid stressful situations because the body's resistance forces in humans with depressed mood are dramatically reduced

Age, health, comorbidities should be taken into account, it is important to get specialist consultations

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