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The water in the wells and catchments in the territories flooded as a result of the terrorist attack

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The reason is that "high water" washed away everything in its path. Therefore, soil with pathogens of intestinal infections, animal and human feces, fertilizers (for example, nitrogen) and other pollutants could enter these water sources. This can render them unusable for many months after flooding.

What to do to protect yourself from infection with dangerous diseases or poisoning with dangerous substances?

Refuse to drink water from wells and catchments!

Use only safe water for cooking, household and hygienic needs. Bottled or imported drinking water, or water purified by special means, can be safe.

Also use water that is supplied through a centralized system

water supply system - it is subject to constant quality monitoring.

Remember, boiling water and disinfecting it with special means (cleaning tablets) does not rid it of chemical contamination.

You need to be especially careful with the water that children use and consume.

If you have an electric pump or pump that pumps water from a well, do not go near it until it is checked by electricians - this will help to avoid electrocution.

According to the method, water from the wells will have to be pumped out, the walls cleaned from plaque, and the bottom - from sediment and garbage, then - disinfected. After that, you need to fill the tank and pump out the water again. You can use the well only after the next filling and laboratory control of the water in it. By the way, the cleaning procedure should be carried out once a year.

Do not use water from natural sources until specialists of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conduct laboratory testing for the content of dangerous substances and pathogens!

Remember, if you or your loved ones notice signs of infectious diseases or poisoning, consult a doctor immediately.

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