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The project "Eye of a schoolboy" 3rd stage continues!

This time, a medical "office on wheels" - a bus of the Lviv Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine - was brought in for examinations.

The hygienists of the Center together with the ophthalmologists of the ENT hospital "Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Okhmatdyt" examined the visual acuity of the students

ZZSO p. Yampil of the Murovanska village council of the OTG of the Lviv district

schoolchildren's visual acuity was checked

height of students was measured

advised how to use gadgets correctly

the level of lighting in the classrooms was measured

it was recommended to transfer students from one row to another

The purpose of the project is to investigate the changes in vision in children of 5 schools of Lviv region during the school year.

Develop recommendations for a healthy space at school.

More than 19 million children in the world have visual impairments! At the same time, 2/3 of cases - violations are caused by reasons that are easily diagnosed and treated - WHO statistics

"Student's Vision" is a joint project of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science, and the Department of Health of Lviv Oblast.

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