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The project "Every school is a healthy school"

The project "Every school is a healthy school" on the World Day without alcohol emphasizes the importance of telling young students about the harm of this habit for teenagers.

On the day without alcohol, the WHO calls on young people to take responsibility for controlling the consumption of this substance and to inform them about the dangerous consequences of alcohol.

A few facts about alcohol that you might not know:

🔺Every year almost 3 million people in the world die from alcohol! 14% of deaths are among people aged 20-39.

🔺The health consequences of alcohol are more than 200 diseases and physical and mental disorders.

🔺On average, the first attempt to drink alcoholic beverages in Ukraine occurs at the age of 14❗️

🔺Wine and soft drinks are the most common among teenagers.

🔺The industrialization of brewing has led to an increase in the level of alcohol in beer, which is associated with negative health consequences and diseases.

▶️ At the same time, it increases interest in alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer, especially among young people under 30 years old.

🔺Alcohol consumption increases the risks of: cardiovascular diseases; development of dementia; cancer of the pancreas, esophagus, liver and other organs.

Taking care of yourself means remembering that:

📍there is no healthy dose of alcohol❗️

📍39% of former users stopped drinking due to negative effects on their health or on the advice of a doctor or other health worker;

📍ethanol is quickly absorbed into the blood and impairs attention, inhibits the reaction, disrupts the correlation of movements;

📍non-alcoholic beer also contains alcohol and leads to weight gain;

📍 even a small amount of alcohol surrogates, when ingested, provokes a fatal outcome;

📍beer is an alcoholic drink;

📍alcohol - does not warm, does not relieve stress, does not help to get rid of grief.

👉 Remember: your life is a beautiful moment that can have unforgettable colors without doping!

🔹The goal of the project "Every school is a healthy school" is to help students form healthy behavior! This will prevent the development of a number of diseases and consequences of addictions in the future.

➡️ We will remind you that the project "Every school is a healthy school" is a joint initiative of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Oblast.

➡️ The project is implemented with the support of the WHO Bureau in Ukraine, World Health Organization Ukraine and Switzerland.

✅ The project covers thousands of students and educators of five educational institutions of the Lviv region.

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