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The Ministry of Health told when and who should wear a medical mask

Wearing a medical mask is one of the rules of the basic anti-epidemic, as well as preventive norms.

- No person with symptoms of a cold should go to work, attend school or children's preschool! Don't spread the virus around! Let's take care of each other!

According to the monitoring of the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections in the population of Lviv region, in the 2nd week of 2024 (January 8-14, 2024), 13,079 cases of acute respiratory viral infections were registered in Lviv region (531.7 per 100,000 population) against 11 705 cases (475.9 per 100,000 population) in the previous week – a 10.5% increase in morbidity.

An increased level of morbidity is observed in the territory of Lviv and Stryi districts.

In the 2nd week, the intensive rate of SARS, including COVID-19, is 22.5% higher than the epidemic threshold of 434.07.

In the structure of morbidity, the specific weight of children under the age of 17 was 41.7% - 5453 people.

During the reporting week, the virological laboratory of the Lviv Medical Center of the Ministry of Health determined the circulation of the influenza A virus and the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the epidemic season, 15,780 people have been vaccinated against influenza in the Lviv region, of which 8,253 are people from the medical and epidemic risk group.

295 people fell ill with the coronavirus disease, compared to 258 last week. No fatalities were registered.

38 patients were receiving inpatient treatment for coronavirus.

1,102,787 people were vaccinated against coronavirus with one dose, 1,039,575 people received the second dose, 211,795 people received the first booster, and 25,473 residents of Lviv Oblast received the second booster.

Wearing a medical mask is one of the rules of the basic anti-epidemic, as well as preventive norms.

When to wear a mask:

☛ if you feel cold symptoms, cough or sneeze and cannot stay at home;

☛ when you have cold symptoms or suspect an airborne infection. The mask will help limit the potential spread of respiratory secretions;

☛ you care for a patient with ARVI, COVID-19 or flu;

☛ if you are healthy, but are in crowded places;

☛ to doctors and medical workers during the examination of patients who have respiratory symptoms, as well as during procedures and manipulations that require sterility to protect the patient from possible infections.

Департамент охорони здоров'я Львівської ОДА

Департамент освіти і науки Львівської ОДА

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