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Recommendations for physical activity

The Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine wishes everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! But it provides healthy recommendations for physical activity, because even a kiss is physical activity!

Try to move more and do physical exercises


-Regular physical activity is a mandatory and indispensable component of a healthy lifestyle at any age. Daily various physical exercises provide:

Reducing the risk of dangerous diseases, including

heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Reduced risk of all-cause mortality.

Reducing the risk of injury.

Improvement of the functional state of bones and joints.

Improvement of self-esteem and quality of life.

Good appetite and ability to consume more

healthy food to compensate for energy costs and meet the body's needs for necessary nutrients.

A variety of physical activity should be included in the daily schedule and occupy a significant part of free time

The minimum duration is moderate to medium in intensity

physical activity should be 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week;

If high-intensity physical exercises are more suitable for you, then their duration should be at least 15 minutes per day or 75 minutes per week.

The duration of sitting or being in a horizontal position should not exceed 4.5 hours per day (not including night sleep).

Consuming a significant amount of food with high energy value, being overweight requires an increase in the duration and intensity of physical activity - up to 300 min/week for moderate and medium intensity and up to 150 min/week for high intensity.

More than 60 minutes of daily physical activity is necessary for

preventing weight gain again in people who have had it in the past.

The intensity and duration of physical activity should be increased gradually under the supervision of your doctor.

So, as the great TARAS SHEVCHENKO said: Make love, black-browed. But not with muscovites!

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