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Rabies is a viral disease that has the highest mortality rate among all human infectious diseases

The rabies virus affects the central nervous system and becomes incurable after the appearance of symptoms - 100% of sick people die.

A person or an animal can get rabies if they are bitten, scratched or drooled by an infected animal. At the same time, rabies is not transmitted through the blood or urine of animals.

What to do if you were bitten or scratched by an animal or its saliva got on your skin or mucous membrane?

Wash the affected area thoroughly (for at least 10 minutes) with running water and soap.

☛ As soon as possible, go to the trauma center for medical assistance to carry out vaccination with anti-rabies vaccine if necessary.

There is no mention of "40 injections in the stomach". Usually, the vaccination schedule consists of 5 vaccinations: day 0 (the day of the visit to the doctor), and then on the third, seventh, fourteenth and twenty-eighth days.

Rabies vaccine prevents the disease in 96-99% of cases. It is effective if the course starts no later than on the 14th day from the moment of the bite or drooling.

Every region has an anti-rabies vaccine, it is of high quality and free of charge, so the patient does not have to pay for such vaccination.

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