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Protect the children! There is a vaccine!

12,924 children of Lviv Oblast received previously missed vaccination against measles as part of the "catch-up" campaign.

This is 87.4% of children aged 2 to 17 in the region scheduled for vaccination against measles, rubella, and mumps, who for some reason missed this vaccination.

The risk of infection, unfortunately, exists.

A nationwide campaign to vaccinate children against measles continues in Ukraine. As of October 21, 148,206 vaccinations were performed within its borders.

The first dose was completed by 66,544 children aged 2 to 17 years, the second dose by 81,662 children aged 7 to 17 years. Details -

Remember that measles is a dangerous disease, the outbreak of which can threaten Ukraine. The only reliable way to protect against measles is vaccination. So vaccinate your children, keep them safe!

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