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Progress in Public Health!

Today we have two good news for the medical system of Ukraine at the same time!

First: Signed a two-year cooperation agreement for 2024-2025 with the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

It is about cooperation in the following areas:

☛ effective and timely response to emergency situations

☛ an integrated package of medical services for all, focused on primary medical care

☛ an effective health care system with fair and equitable financing

☛ prevention of future disease outbreaks

☛ reduction of major risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases

☛ sustainable and healthy societies

☛ strengthening health care institutions on the way to joining the EU

The focus is also on rebuilding and strengthening the health care system, ensuring access to basic medical services, such as rehabilitation, primary medical care and public health surveillance.

The second, but no less pleasant and important: We received 20 modern "fast cars", which is very important, because since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the enemy has already damaged or captured almost 500 vehicles of the "UNPC EMD and MK Ministry of Health of Ukraine" DZ.

The delivery of the cars took place with the financial support of the German government - special thanks!

Thank you to the world for supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians!

World Health Organization Ukraine

Embassy of Germany in Kyiv / Deutsche Botschaft Kiev

Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization Ukraine

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