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Preventive work on the spread of acute intestinal infections in the flooding zone

In the flooding zone of the village Skhidnytsia specialists of the Boryslav Department of the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention conduct preventive work on the spread of acute intestinal infections and diseases that may be associated with water.

Together with the Department of Health Protection of the Lviv State Regional Government, yard patrols were organized.

As of June 14, yard rounds covered 56 households, disinfected 42 wells, took 8 water samples from residents' wells where there are children under 3 years of age for nitrate research.

Water was taken from sources and the centralized water supply network for drinking water quality research (8 samples for sanitary-chemical and 8 - for microbiological indicators), 2 - for virological indicators.

Among the population, specialists carry out sanitary and educational work, provide recommendations on the use of water for drinking and economic needs, conditions for storing and consuming food products, compliance with sanitary and hygienic rules and personal hygiene.

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