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Population immunoprophylaxis is a priority in the field of public health

- vaccination should be available for every Ukrainian;

- the quality of vaccines and their storage conditions - meet the best international standards;

- availability of vaccines at the level of regions - uninterrupted.

These key points form the basis of the population immunoprophylaxis development strategy for the next 7 years. The strategy plan includes the stages of prevention, occurrence and spread of outbreaks and epidemics of infectious diseases that can be prevented by immunization.

At a meeting with the heads of the regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they discussed providing the regions with vaccines, storage and distribution with compliance with cold chain conditions during transportation and use of vaccines. After all, it is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that manage immunization programs at the level of their regions.

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with international partners, is systematically strengthening the national cold chain system at all levels. For this purpose, the regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were re-equipped: instead of old refrigerators, modern cold rooms and refrigerators were installed, the centers received special cars for transporting vaccines and buses for conducting field vaccination sessions in remote cities and villages of the regions. This resource is now being used to support a measles “catch-up” campaign for children across the country.

We continue to strengthen the system of immunoprophylaxis, making these services more accessible, high-quality and free of charge for every Ukrainian!

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Public Health Center of Ukraine

Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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