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October 20 - All-Ukrainian Day of Fighting Breast Cancer

It coincides with a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and stories of overcoming this type of cancer. The information campaign is called Pinktober, because the pink ribbon is a symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

What are the "red flags" (symptoms) of breast cancer?

Far from always, such symptoms mean cancer, but this is exactly the case when vigilance is not superfluous:

☛ Asymmetry of nipples. Women's breasts are rarely symmetrical, but a striking difference in their appearance or "collapse" of the nipple is a reason to consult a doctor.

☛ Discharge of blood or pus from the nipples.

☛ Irregularities and redness on the skin, not related to dermatitis, insect bite, etc.

☛ Compaction, perceptible during self-examination

☛ Pain in only one mammary gland, moreover, it is not tied to the menstrual cycle.

☛ Changing the shape of one of the breasts (we do not take into account the lactation period)

What are the methods of early detection of breast cancer?

☛ Mammography - X-ray examination of the mammary glands.

☛ Clinical examination by a family doctor or gynecologist

☛ Breast self-examination every month. How to do a mammary gland examination, see the link.

How to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer?

☛ Physical activity (at least an hour of moderate exercise every day, 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week)

☛ A balanced diet, in which there are enough vegetables and garden crops,

☛ Abstinence from alcohol significantly reduces the risk of all types of cancer, breast cancer in particular.

☛ Quit smoking.

☛ Breastfeeding. Another argument in favor of breastfeeding!

We draw your attention to the fact that ultrasound is not a recommended research method - neither for young women, nor for older women.

Mammography should be done every two years at the age of 50+ or earlier - in the case of a high individual risk of cancer. The service is free of charge for the patient, in hospitals that have a contract with the National Health Service and have appropriate services.

You can learn about diagnosis, mammography, national protocols for breast cancer treatment thanks to the "Likuysia" chatbot

Breast cancer can be defeated, especially if it is detected at an early stage thanks to self-exams and medical examinations.

Bless you!

Source: Ministry of Health

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