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My "working" pressure is above the norm - myth or reality?

Some people say that their normal, or "working" blood pressure is 150/100, so they don't take measures against hypertension. Can high blood pressure be normal?

No, it can't, don't be fooled. According to international medical guidelines, blood pressure higher than 120/70 is no longer healthy.

▪ 130–139 and/or 85–89 is the so-called high normal pressure;

▪ 140–159 and/or 90–99 is hypertension of the 1st degree;

▪ 160-179 and above and/or 100-109 and above is hypertension of the 2nd degree;

▪ Low pressure is anything below 90/60.

Yes, a person can constantly have such pressure and at the same time not feel discomfort. After all, we are never aware of the pressure itself, these signals do not reach the cerebral cortex, unlike signals from the sense organs.

We can feel only the consequences of sharp pressure drops that occur together with other processes: for example, a road accident without injuries is still stressful and unpleasant. In this case, at the moment of collision, an adrenaline release occurred, the "fight, run or freeze" system was activated. Its result is an increase in heart rate, a decrease in blood flow through the digestive system, an increase in blood pressure and glucose levels, possibly a spasm of the muscles of the neck and shoulders. You feel everything together, not the pressure itself.

Therefore, elevated pressure cannot be "working". That is why we encourage you to measure your blood pressure regularly and consult your doctor about it. Hypertension can now be effectively controlled with long-acting medications.

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