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Monitoring of the incidence of SARS in the population of Lviv region, for the 50th week of 2023

According to the monitoring of the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections in the population of Lviv region, in the 50th week of 2023 (December 11-17, 2023), 12,122 cases of acute respiratory viral infections were registered in Lviv region (492.8 per 100,000 population) against 11,585 cases (471.0 per 100,000 population) in the previous week – an increase in incidence by 4.4%. For the 50th week, the intensive indicator of SARS, including COVID-19, is 13.5% higher than the epidemic threshold of 434.07. In the structure of morbidity, the specific weight of children under the age of 17 was 49.3% - 5,978 people.

During the reporting week, the virological laboratory of the State University "Lviv State Medical Center of the Ministry of Health" identified influenza A viruses in 3 cases.

No deaths due to influenza have been registered.

Since the beginning of the epidemic season, 14,648 people have been vaccinated against influenza in the Lviv region, including 7,189 people from the medical and epidemic risk group.

420 people fell ill with the coronavirus infection compared to 357 in the previous week - an increase of 15%. 1 fatal case was registered among people over 65 years old. 40 patients were receiving inpatient treatment.

1,102,787 people were vaccinated against coronavirus with one dose, 1,039,461 people received the second dose, 211,479 people received the first booster, and 24,878 residents of Lviv Oblast received the second booster.

Do not self-medicate!

Simple things save lives!

Dress for the weather!

If you have symptoms of a cold - do not leave the premises without a mask!

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