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Mobile teams for vaccination against measles

As part of the measles vaccination campaign for children who missed scheduled vaccinations (at the age of 1 and 6), 312 mobile teams were formed in Ukraine to vaccinate children in organized groups and in areas far from vaccination points.

Who are vaccinated by mobile brigades

- Children aged 2-17 in preschools, school educational institutions and "health" camps, who do not have the first, second or both vaccinations of the CPC.

- Residents of remote villages where access to stationary vaccination points is difficult or impossible.

- Children who cannot move on their own due to health conditions.

How to call a mobile brigade to a team or community.

Collect a list of children in the institution or community who do not have the vaccinations required for their age, and call the regional vaccination coordinator (contacts see below) or find out his contacts by contacting the contact center of the Ministry of Health at the number 0 800 60 20 19.

On the eve of departure, you will be called and informed of all the necessary information for the preparation and administration of vaccinations.

How to call a mobile brigade home.

Parents or guardians of children who cannot move on their own can also leave a request for a mobile team to come home by calling the same phones or through a family doctor.

It may be necessary to wait a little for the arrival of the brigade, until there are enough people willing to be vaccinated at home in your area or settlement.

You can find out the contacts of the regional measles vaccination coordinators by calling the contact center of the Ministry of Health: 0 800 60 20 19.

Source: Ministry of Health

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