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International No Smoking Day

The project "Every school is a healthy school" on the day of quitting smoking emphasizes the fight against smoking among schoolchildren.

At the current stage of the fight against the harmful habits of smoking, it is necessary to form among schoolchildren and young people an active life position, confidence, the ability to predict events and their consequences with the least losses for their own and public health.

The best prevention of cancer is to stop using tobacco and nicotine

After only one week without cigarettes, a former smoker's sense of taste and smell improves, after three months, the volume of work of the lungs increases by 30%, and after 1 year, the risk of coronary heart disease will be halved compared to smokers.

The tobacco industry spreads a lot of misinformation around the topic of tobacco control.

What is true and what is not

We debunk myths!


Light and flavored cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes.

All cigarettes are equally harmful! When smoking "light" cigarettes and cigarettes with aromas, smokers take a deeper drag. Accordingly, a greater number of harmful substances and carcinogens enter the lungs.


Smoking helps you lose weight and control your weight.

Smoking can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, one of the symptoms of which is low appetite.


Cigarettes help to relax.

Nicotine has an excitatory effect on the nervous system, and the sedative effect is artificial. It is not nicotine that relaxes, but the smoking process itself.


If I have been smoking for a long time, there is no need to stop smoking during pregnancy.

During intrauterine development

all vital organs of the child are laid.

And smoking can provoke developmental pathology, premature birth or even miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to stop smoking as soon as possible.


The tobacco industry does not want children to smoke. She supports measures to prevent smoking among young people.

Tobacco corporations in their advertising

use themes and characters that appeal to children, create bright, attractive storefronts, and place tobacco products

products at the level of children's eyes, next to toys

and sweets.


Quitting smoking is not difficult. I can do it any time I want.

Most people need, as a rule, several attempts to quit smoking, as well as the support of relatives and the help of specialists.

Remember, any dose of tobacco smoke that enters the body by inhalation can become critical! Don't start smoking!

Nataliya Ivanchenko Timko

Olga Brezetska

Halyna Teterko

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