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Hypodynamia: how to encourage a child to move more

Hypodynamia - lack of motor activity - is a significant threat to the health of children and adults. Children need movement and exercise for harmonious physical development and mental health. At the same time, modern children in developed countries, and in Ukraine in particular, suffer from hypodynamia. How to help them move more?

In order for children and teenagers to move more, it is necessary to create a safe space for communication and fun at the community level: zones without traffic, playgrounds with a special surface, zoning for pedestrians and cyclists, cleaning, arranging public toilets in parks and recreation areas. Threats to take away the smartphone, so that the child runs, cannot be avoided.

If you want the child to move more, organize favorable conditions for this. It can be like this:

- Active family recreation (bicycles, kayaks, beach volleyball, etc.)

- Family walks, with other children too

- Day trips on foot

- Sports corner at home and joint training

- Sports circles

- Dancing parties at home, on a video or on a dance mat

- Cycling

- Active recreation in special facilities or grounds: roller rink, skate rink, trampolines, climbing rink, ice stadium

- Equipment for active urban recreation (if the community has conditions for safe roller skating or skating).

When we talk about "safe riding", we mean a small risk of accidents involving traffic, pedestrians, dangerous areas (pits, hatches, fittings), not that the child will never fall. Falls and injuries are an integral part of active recreation.

Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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