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When it seems that hardware methods are no longer able to surprise, there are inventions, the mention of which can turn gray even a first-year student of any medical university in the country. This time, we are talking about a procedure with a terrifying name and principle of action - hydrocolonotherapy.

Hydrocolonotherapy is cleaning of the large intestine with the help of a special device, the tube of which is inserted into the rectum. From 20 to 60 liters of water is supplied through it. Sometimes a mixture of vitamins, herbs or certain medicines are added to the liquid. "Real gurus" carry out this procedure even with the use of coffee.

The procedure itself has a very ancient history. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were among the first to use it.

But as early as 1919, this theory was completely disproved. In particular, Ruben D Acosta and Brooks D Cash mention this in their 2009 systematic review.

Even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several letters warning manufacturers and suppliers of colon hydrotherapy equipment about false claims about their effectiveness.

The practice of colon hydrotherapy for general health improvement or treatment is not supported by any scientific medical literature and cannot be recommended under any circumstances.

After all, there are many risks involved in this procedure. Here are just some of them:

☛ probability of dehydration,

☛ intestinal perforation,

☛ infections,

☛ psychological disorders (as a result of an unpleasant procedure).

Hydrocolonotherapy is not a panacea, not an auxiliary method in the treatment or rehabilitation of patients, not cosmetology know-how. This is an unproven, dangerous method with a constellation of adverse consequences for a person's health and wallet.

If you need effective and high-quality rehabilitation, which is based on the principles of evidence, multidisciplinarity and patient-centeredness, contact the medical facilities that have appropriate contracts from the National Health Service of Ukraine.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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