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How to suggest a loved one to consult a psychologist

A person who has psychological problems may not be aware of it or simply for various reasons may not turn to a specialist. Relatives can help to dare to take this step. But it is extremely important to do it in such a way as not to scare the person away and to achieve success.

We have collected tips for you on how to prepare for such a conversation:

Choose a place and time. Talk to the person in private in a convenient place and at a time when they are as relaxed and calm as possible.

Speak directly. Try to tactfully describe what exactly worries you, give specific examples.

Be patient and don't judge. Tell them that you love and respect this person and that you are concerned that they are suffering and cannot live a full life.

Help find a specialist. Study the questions in detail, look for options that may suit your loved one, and offer them.

Offer other practical help: help with homework, sit with the children while he/she sees a psychologist, or simply go with the specialist.

We remind you that you can find the numbers of "hot lines" for free psychological support at the link -

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The material was prepared within the framework of the implementation of the All-Ukrainian mental health program How are you? on the initiative of Olena Zelenska.

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