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How to protect yourself from legionellosis❓

Legionellosis is a typical example of man-made infection. During the operation of water systems in industry and everyday life, a finely dispersed bacterial aerosol is formed in the air.

The high adaptive abilities of legionella allow them to "colonize" artificial "reservoirs" - air conditioners, cooling systems, cooling towers, compressor and shower equipment, equipment for respiratory therapy, etc.

What should be done

Air conditioning systems should be cleaned and flushed at least twice a year with bacteriological control.

Filters must be replaced in time. If legionella is found, the equipment can be used only after disinfection.

Distilled water, sterile solutions for inhalation therapy should be used in medical equipment; regularly replace inhalers; sterilize parts of medical equipment.

In pools, cleaning and flushing systems are used, possibly by the hyperchlorination method.

In the case of bacterial contamination, studies are conducted to detect specific DNA sequences of legionella in environmental objects (water, washes), water supply systems, air conditioners, ventilation systems, shower rooms, swimming pools, humidifiers, fountains, jacuzzis, etc.

Such studies are conducted at the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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