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How to protect yourself from COVID-19

The cold season weakens our immunity, and therefore the body's resistance to acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI)

One of these is COVID-19, which can have serious health consequences. This is an acute respiratory disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets from an infected person.

Therefore, we have prepared for you some tips that will help you avoid the disease:

☛ Take care of your immunity - get vaccinated against COVID-19! This will make it possible to reduce the risk of a severe course, complications of the disease and deaths.

☛ Spend your free time actively. Regular physical activity and walks in the fresh air improve well-being, sleep and help cope with stress.

☛ Give up bad habits that contribute to a decrease in immunity and make your body susceptible to diseases, in particular, the development of SARS and COVID-19.

☛ Take care of your health and maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight and obese can worsen the course of COVID-19.

☛ Watch your diet. Eat vegetables and fruits regularly, which are important sources of vitamins and minerals.

If you have symptoms of SARS:

☛ In case of any signs of SARS, try to isolate yourself as soon as possible and stay at home until you are fully recovered.

☛ Consult your family doctor and follow his advice only. Remember that a diagnosis of COVID-19 can be confirmed by testing.

Public Health Center of Ukraine

European Union in Ukraine

World Health Organization Ukraine

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