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How to properly feed premature babies?

Babies who were born prematurely sometimes cannot suck the breast for the first time. Some suck, but get tired quickly, and therefore need additional feeding. You can pump and feed them your colostrum and later your milk. It is important to remember that feeding should be done using a cup, glass, spoon or sterile syringe (no needle). Bottle feeding carries risks for the health of the baby, as well as for the establishment of breastfeeding, so do not use it.

UNICEF together with the "National Movement in Support of Breastfeeding "Milk Rivers of Ukraine" prepared a video course on breastfeeding, including premature babies.

How to take care of premature babies?

What are the features of breastfeeding such children?

What is the kangaroo method and how to use it correctly?

See the tips here - and establish breastfeeding, because it is the protection of the baby from the first days of life and the opportunity for full development for the child in the future.

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