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How to cope with a panic attack

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 264 million people worldwide — or 3.6% of the global population — have panic disorders (

Symptoms of panic disorder can be:

rapid heartbeat,

chest pain and other symptoms similar to

heart attack, excessive sweating,

shivering, chills or hot flashes,

shortness of breath and feeling of suffocation,

nausea and/or abdominal pain,

dizziness, feeling of unreality

what is happening to you (depersonalization

or derealization);

fear of losing control, "going crazy" or dying; some specific symptoms.

How to help yourself during a panic attack?

During a panic attack, it is very important to try to concentrate on the current moment and situation with all kinds of feelings, to "ground yourself". The main trick is to put your feet on the floor (this will help you feel the support).

One of the most popular techniques is the "5-4-3-2-1" technique. Name:

5 things you see (eg your hands, the table, the sky).

4 things you feel physically (eg, a hard surface under your feet, clothes on your body, etc.).

3 things you hear (eg birdsong, cars, music).

2 things you can smell (eg coffee, fallen leaves, perfume).

1 thing you can taste (peppermint gum, tea, etc.).

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