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How to act in the case of using phosphorous ammunition

During the war, the Russian occupiers use prohibited weapons, including against the civilian population. The use of phosphorus munitions by the Russians against the Ukrainians was repeatedly recorded.

Phosphorus munitions are weapons that contain white phosphorus and release an incendiary compound with a burning temperature of over 800°C. White phosphorus is released from contact with air, and the area of its distribution can reach several hundred square meters.

How to understand that phosphorus chemical weapons were used?

A sign of application is a white coating at the site of the explosion. The use of white phosphorus gives a combined effect — not only smoke and flame, but also psychological shock. A characteristic feature of the use of a phosphorus bomb is the charring of organic tissues with the preservation of clothing, and in the case of inhalation of the red-hot mixture — burning of the lungs. The damage distance is up to 150 m.

What to do if a person has phosphorus burns?

Remove all clothing from the victim, using personal protective equipment (gloves). It is forbidden to touch visible particles of white phosphorus with your hands

· To wash away phosphorus particles from the skin, the best thing is to carefully rinse with cold water

· Cover the affected areas of the skin and body parts with a clean wet tissue (wet the cloth or bandage with clean, cold water)

· Do not use liquids other than clean cold water for washing

It is forbidden to apply any ointments to burns and wounds

· Using cold water is critical, but be careful to prevent victims from developing hypothermia

· Do not leave the victim without care until the arrival of the medics

What to do if phosphorus gets into the eyes?

· Leave the place of attack and affected areas

· Flush eyes with plenty of cool water for at least 15 minutes

Apply wet wipes (compresses) to the eyes

· This will avoid re-ignition of white phosphorus particles

What to do if a person has swallowed or inhaled phosphorus?

· Leave the place of the attack as soon as possible

· If the victim has impaired breathing, help him to take a comfortable position that will ensure the patency of the airways and make breathing easier

Do not leave the injured person alone until the medics arrive

Do not induce vomiting in the victim. Vomiting masses and feces of the victim can cause burns when in contact with the skin.

It is important to remember that soda solutions and baking soda in general are not used in the treatment of victims of white phosphorus.

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