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How dangerous are cat scratches?

On the World Day of Rare Diseases and on the eve of International Cat Day, let's talk about "cat scratch disease" - felinosis

Virtually everyone is at risk of getting sick, but few people know about this disease

Why is felinosis classified as one of the rare infectious diseases? After all, the disease is not always diagnosed

Cat scratch disease is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted to us by cats, and most often by young kittens. You can get sick if the cat has bitten, scratched or drooled over the damaged area of the skin

After 3-14 days (incubation period) after the bite/scratch, you can notice that the wound is swollen, red or even suppurated, and the lymph nodes near the damaged area become swollen, sensitive and painful.

There may be the following symptoms:

temperature increase



severe fatigue

Often, such a disease passes by itself and does not require any special treatment. However, it can (in about 14% of patients) lead to complications or become a trigger (trigger) for the appearance of chronic diseases of the liver, nervous system, spleen, eyes, etc.


In the morning after a bite or scratch, hands in general after contact with pets should be thoroughly washed with clean water and soap!

#Lviv Regional Center for Prevention of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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