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There is not much time left until one of the biggest religious holidays - Resurrection of the Lord. According to tradition, active preparation for them will begin - cleaning and order in apartments, estates, yards and gardens.

Another important aspect in the pre-holiday worries concerns the purchase of products and the preparation of delicious dishes from them. This work is perhaps the most responsible.

The reason lies in the fact that poor-quality products, violations of the conditions of food preparation and storage can cause various intestinal infectious diseases or food poisoning in people. Products, especially ready-made ones, are consumed not only by us, but also by pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, worms. Once on food, microbes find a nutritious environment, multiply and release their waste products (toxins), causing such serious diseases as salmonellosis, dysentery, viral diseases, including hepatitis A, and many others. And so that the celebration does not turn into a nuisance, some sanitary and hygienic requirements should be observed, which do not require additional funds, but will help preserve the health of you and your loved ones.

First of all, it is advisable to buy raw materials for the preparation of dishes in stores, and not in natural markets, where it is not possible to check their quality, conditions of transportation and storage. However, prices are lower here, and we sometimes sacrifice quality in exchange for a few hryvnias saved, exposing ourselves to danger. In stores, we have the full right to demand, and the seller is obliged to provide documents certifying the quality and safety of any product at our request.

When preparing food, follow the rules of hygiene. Maintain the cleanliness of the premises, primarily those where food will be prepared, as well as the equipment that will be used - dishes, tables, countertops, dividing boards, knives, etc. Wash your hands often, especially when you touch raw products and then ready or semi-ready meals. Use only clean water and raw materials for cooking. It is necessary to ensure that the raw materials do not touch the finished dishes. An important factor that will help to destroy the causative agents of intestinal diseases is the duration and proper temperature of heat treatment of products during cooking.

It is necessary to store ready-made food at low temperatures in the refrigerator, + 2-6 degrees will be optimal. Ready-made dishes cannot be stored "as a reserve" for a long time - up to three days at the most. Particular attention should be paid to perishables, such as jelly, seltzer, blood pudding, pates, saltisone, cream products - they can be stored for no more than two days and exclusively in the refrigerator, and served on the table directly during the meal. Salads must be prepared and seasoned before serving. When preparing them, it is advisable to refrain from mayonnaise or sour cream, and use oil.

These simple rules apply not only to holidays, they should be followed every day. Do not forget that the quality and safety of products, and therefore health, depend on us.

We work to keep you healthy!

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