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Hepatitis B: what is important to know

For six months, 49 cases of hepatitis B were recorded in Lviv region: what is important to know.

This year, over the course of 6 months, 49 cases of viral hepatitis B were detected in Lviv region. The number of patients with viral hepatitis C is 12 cases.

Why is the number of patients increasing?

Very often, people find out that they have hepatitis by accident, during a preventive examination, before childbirth or pregnancy, or when they consult dermatologists, rheumatologists or other specialists.

On July 28, in the city of Truskavets, in order to draw attention to the problem of hepatitis, a preventive and informative event "Hepatitis does not wait" was held. During the campaign, 72 people were examined for viral hepatitis B, C, HIV and syphilis.

It was found that one person was HIV-infected (she did not know about it), 5 people were infected with the hepatitis C virus, 2 people were infected with the hepatitis B virus. They were referred for further consultation.

In order not to pose a threat to others, there are a number of preventive measures. Also, to protect yourself from the virus or to warn in advance, you can get vaccinated in the Lviv region. The hepatitis B vaccine is called a cancer vaccine, because this virus can cause liver cancer.

Note that hepatitis A, C and E are curable. However, hepatitis B is curable depending on the promptness of the treatment. Lifelong administration of drugs is also used, which protects against cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, or at least against the speed of development of these complications.

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Source: Lviv Regional Military Administration

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