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Help with sunburns and burns from fire

It is better to prevent sunburn by using sunscreen, light and closed clothing and hiding from the sun during the midday hours than to deal with the consequences later.

If you do get sunburned or burned by a fire, you need treatment.

What to do with sun care:

Take a cool shower or apply wet compresses to the affected areas.

If you are overheated, put an ice pack in a clean cloth on your neck, thighs, groin folds or make cold compresses for 10-15 minutes.

Drink plenty of fluids.

If you are worried about pain and deterioration of general well-being - call your family doctor.

Until the burn heals, hide it from the sun.

DO NOT apply oil or cream to the burn!

DO NOT use alcohol-based products

If blisters appear on the skin - DO NOT touch them. Better see a doctor.

What to do in case of fire

Before the arrival of medics:

Put out the clothes if it gets busy.

Completely remove clothing or accessories from the burn area.

Cool the burn with cool running water, immersion in water, or compresses until the pain subsides.

Apply a sterile bandage to the burn site.

In the future, hide the burn site from sunlight.

Note that babies should not be kept in a cool bath due to the risk of hypothermia!

Do not apply ice or apply oil to the burn site!

Source: Ministry of Health

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