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Family medicine is the basis of medical care all over the world, because the experience of developed countries shows that more than 80% of health problems can be solved at the primary level of medical care.

But no developed country in Europe in the 21st century experienced a full-scale war and did not face such challenges that we faced.

Our medical system has survived, including due to the fact that family doctors in regions more distant from the war tirelessly accepted new patients who had to be forcibly moved from the cities burned by the occupiers - treated, vaccinated, supported in our common trouble.

Dear colleagues, each and every one of the 16,976! Your contribution is important, you are important! We are grateful to you that, despite the daily challenges of war, you continue to work tirelessly, study, develop and help people!

We join in the congratulations of #MoH!

Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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