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From April 1, prescription drugs will be available not only by paper, but also by electronic prescri

From April 1, prescription drugs will be available at the pharmacy not only by paper, but also by electronic prescription.

I want to emphasize: those drugs that were previously classified as prescription drugs will be sold by electronic prescription. You could see this in their instructions for use, where the column "category of release" stated "prescription". In fact, the only change is that these drugs were previously dispensed according to a paper prescription, and now an electronic one will be used, which is much more convenient for everyone - the doctor, the patient, and the pharmacist.

During the transition period, which will be valid at least until the end of martial law, it is possible to use both versions of the recipe. The patient can choose for himself which prescription is more convenient for him to buy medicine at the pharmacy - electronic or paper.

Controlling the circulation of prescription drugs is very important. Their reception should be accompanied by the close supervision of a doctor, as it involves an increased risk of serious side effects, a complex method of application (for example, injections), or may cause dependence or carry a risk of abuse. I am sure that doctors will confirm how catastrophic the consequences of self-medication are and how many appeals are registered for this very reason.

Medicines are not sweets, but serious active substances that, without proper medical control, can harm a person's life and health.

Let's treat ourselves consciously!

P.S.: Answers to the most common questions can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health via the link in the comments

P.S.S. And let me remind you that the electronic prescription for antibiotics started working in April 2022. Think about whether this has affected the availability of treatment for you personally?

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